Round Table Indonesia


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Brief description
In Round Table Indonesia (RTI) analysis and research was linked with sustainable business development, resulting in two interrelated processes, each with two components. The first process, education and research, focused on capacity building in the field of applied research by supporting Indonesian Master students who examined particular agricultural economic sub- sectors (component a). Their research (component b) focused on developing sound recommendations for enhancing business opportunities in the sub-sectors studied through value chain analysis.

The second process, the implementation, was to generate momentum for sustainable business development in Indonesia by launching joint projects with private sector, public sector and civil society through Roundtable meetings (component c) and pilot projects (component d).



The strong emphasis on the Roundtable meetings was because an analysis as such will not lead to any improvement of a sustainable business and investment climate in the Indonesian agricultural sector as was the objective of the project. The crux is on making the market actors co-owners of the findings and ideas for value chain upgrading and for improving the sustainability and competitiveness of their sector. Another important reason was to make the chain actors start realizing that they are related in business and need each other.

Evaluations of multi-sector partnerships have shown that a partnership between private and public sector and civil society may generate better results if – among others – there is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, independent facilitator (in this case the trained faculty of IPB), a mechanism to facilitate the actual dialogue process (the Roundtable meetings) as well as some funds for implementing projects. These elements have been incorporated in the approach of Round Table Indonesia


Relevant Publications   :
Mudde H, Indrawan D, and Fahmi I. 2012. Multi-sector Partnerships for Sustainable Business Development: Lessons Learned from Round Table Indonesia. Bogor: Graduate Program of Management and Business, Bogor Agricultural University.

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