Analysis of Regional Core Competencies for 10 Districts



Directorate General Industrial Area Development, Ministry Of Industry

CSBC experts involved

  • Dr. Ir. Arief Daryanto, M.Ec
  • Dr. Ir. Idqan Fahmi, M.Ec
  • Drs. Yudha Heryawan Asnawi, MM
  • Dr. Hendro Sasongko, SE.Ak MM
  • Dr. M. Rizal Taufikurohman
  • Ir. Zulfiandri, MSi
  • Ir. Edwin Aldrianto, MSi
  • Dr. Ir. Dudi S. Hendrawan, MM
  • Suhendi, SP, MM

Brief description
The analysis covers the implementation review of core competencies development in industrial district / city and province proposed by the relevant local government, including the completeness of the data / information and deepening of the substances contained in the Map Guide mainly on the type of industry that will be developed, objectives, strategy and action plan for the development of the industry, so that the outcome would be an appropriate, actual and implementative map guide.

The basic criteria to be evaluated in this analysis include the following:
1. Core Competence of Industrial District / City developed in accordance with the results of the study
2. Leading Industry of the Province developed in accordance with Presidential Decree No 28 of 2008 about the National Industrial Policy
3. Systematic proposal Map Guide prepared according to the outline set and the data / information presented
4. Core Industry that will be developed clearly defined to support the strengthening of the industrial structure
5. Supporting Industry and Related Industries are available in the industry value chain and is expected to ensure the growth of core industries
6. Elements of supporting industries (resources, infrastructure, market, technology) are available and support the development of core industries
7. Goals and targets of industrial development clearly defined, reasonable and measurable (number of industries, production capacity, employment)
8. The formulation of strategies and action plans to achieve the target of industrial development
9. Consistency and integration between the formulation of goals, strategies and action plans
10. Phasing activities / annual action plan arranged sequentially and logically
11. Consistency of writing and formulating the content/data/informationin the Map Guide
12. Location of industrial core competency development needs to be mentioned in any designated area  for industrial development and is supported by the availabilityof resources
13. The division of the role of stakeholders in the implementation of annual action plan with clearly defined implementation of the Map Guide
14. There is a commitment of stakeholders in the Region to implement and finance the annual action plan set out in the Map Guide
15. There is a commitment of stakeholders at the Centre to implement and fund an annual action plan set out in the Map Guide

The 10 districts in this analysis are:

1. Bangkalan
2. Blitar
3. Jombang
4. Kediri
5. Lumajang
6. Ngawi
7. Pandeglang
8. Sampang
9. Situbondo
10. Tangsel