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Competitive models on a national level are developed for developing countries. However, within nations many differences exist. This research project focuses on the development of a framework for a provincial competitiveness model in which the preconditions, actors and operational environment are mapped for supply chain support/economic development. This activity goal is to identify investment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Value Chain approach in research is expected to show a variety of problems and gaps that occur in each of the studied commodity chain. The gap identified is the basis for the determination of investment opportunities to enhance the overall competitiveness of the value chain.





As a CSBC partner, your organization can expect to:

  • Increase Productivity and Profits
  • Facilitate Technology Transfer
  • Enhance Strategic Planning and Management in Dynamic Environments
  • Build Effective Relationships with the Private and Public Sectors
  • Develop Entrepreneurial Orientations
  • Effectively Develop and Manage Innovation
  • Recognize and Take Advantage of Emerging Opportunities in Complex Business Environments
  • Build a Vision for the Future by Learning Which Traits and Behaviors are Found in Successful Organizations
  • Discover How Innovative Technologies Can Work to Your Benefit




  • Foster Team-Building Across Markets
  • Understand the Importance of Workforce Development

A core component of CSBC’s program is comprehensive and ongoing hands-on trainings. Our approach helps participants become well-rounded, development- minded individuals who understand grassroots community development, and can design and implement sustainable projects with effective tools and methods.

CSBC’s offer an intensive curriculum of practical workshops, activities, and processing sessions focused on three main components: (1) community integration training, (2) development skills building, and (3) cultural immersion and reflection.