Our Commitment

CSBC is about bringing different (international) partners together to work towards concrete sustainable economic development in the Indonesian agricultural sector from a business perspective, based on a value chain approach. The present era of globalization implies that the opportunity for developing countries to stimulate and develop a private sector that combines both competitiveness and sustainability is increasingly influenced by international trends. International agreements on trade and investment, labor rights and environmental protection shape the extent to which developing country governments can regulate local industries. In addition, development assistance from industrialized countries and international organizations, such as the World Bank, the UN and the OECD, often includes funds earmarked for stimulating the local private sector, including Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

CSBC helps to increase the opportunities and eliminate constraints for Indonesian suppliers to be integrated in the regional and international markets. CSBC fosters a structural collaboration between international businesses, local companies and policy- makers.

The approach is holistic, comprising of education, research, stakeholder dialogue, matchmaking and business development. Different national and international actors will be working towards sustainable economic growth.

The CSBC converges hands-on learning, applied business theory, and practical solutions, empowering students and organizations to collectively solve the complex challenges facing businesses today and foresee opportunities for innovation in tomorrow’s market. Composed of a virtual nexus of partnerships and networking relationships, the CSBC offers boundless possibilities for direction and leadership on national and international levels.