CSBC History

Over a period of five years, Bogor Agricultural University/Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) and Maastricht School of Management (MsM) have been executing a partnership aimed at contributing to the improvement of a sustainable business and investment climate in the Indonesian agricultural sector by strengthening the knowledge capacity, formulating concrete investment opportunities, and facilitating partnerships.

These notions of sustainable economic development, multi-sector partnerships and an inclusive value chain approach were at the basis of the cooperation of IPB and MsM in Indonesia that took-off in 2009 as Round Table Indonesia’. Round Table Indonesia was about bringing different (international) partners together to work towards concrete sustainable economic development in the agricultural sector from a business perspective, based on a value chain approach. Financially, Round Table Indonesia was made possible by a grant from the Dutch government, Agentschap NL/EVD.

The activities in Round Table Indonesia (RTI) were divided into two cycles. The first one was the research cycle that provides courses to deepen the Sustainable business development studies in the Graduate program of Management and Business IPB (MB-IPB) as well as empirical research with value chain approach. The second cycle was the implementation cycle that aims to establish concrete partnership projects among stakeholders involved in the value chain. Linking education and applied research with business development will lead to a stronger and more sustainable Indonesian agricultural sector, being of crucial importance for the Indonesian development as a whole and in which higher education plays a crucial role.

IPB Bogor and MsM have agreed to host a two-day international conference on Sustainable Business Competitiveness in IPB International Conference Centre Bogor, Indonesia on 25 and 26 June 2012. The purpose of the conference will be to explore inclusive business strategies in Indonesian agriculture with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of this key economic sector. To strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of this partnership, the Launching of Centre for Sustainable Business Competitiveness (CSBC) were also conducted on this occasion.

To realize its objectives, up until now CSBC has undertaken numerous research activities, providing consultations and trainings, conducting partnerships and projects with various stakeholders like agribusiness industries, government, academia, and other parties.