BTPN Micro Business Customer Graduation



December 2014





Brief Description

The BTPN Bank implemented a mentoring and empowerment program called DAYA Program, a program of sustainable mass market empowerment for the low-income society and micro-small businesses. DAYA is a training program consisted of marketing, finance, operation and human resource modules conducted throughout all of the BTPN branches. BTPN cooperate with CSBC in preparing a wide variety of curriculum training modules required by customers.


As a token of appreciation to the Bank customers who have followed the entire DAYA module, BTPN and IPB held a graduation for the customers. “This year BTPN customers who have completed the DAYA module have reached the number of 10,000 customers. We did graduation symbolically to 300 customers in four cities. Graduation is the form of our appreciation for the seriousness of our customers participated in various training,” said Mulia Salim, Director of BTPN. The graduation process has been held to 50 customers in Palembang (December 8, 2014), 50 customers in Banjarmasin (December 10, 2014), 50 customers in Semarang (December 11, 2014) and 150 customers in Bogor (December 17, 2014).


BTPN and MB-IPB believe that the DAYA program can increase the capacity of the customer’s business.  According to research done by MB-IPB, SME’s experienced some challenges in developing their businesses. “First, the SME’s are lacking of transparent financial management and managerial and financial capabilities. Second they lack knowledge of marketing, production and quality control, as well as finance and accounting. This is caused by the lack of opportunities to follow the technological developments, lack of education access and training to develop the capacity of business,” said Arief Daryanto, director of the graduate program in Management and Business, Bogor Agricultural University (MB-IPB).